Why bother updating a suite of standard contracts if you don’t train people how to use them?

V-LEX (and John Yates in particular) has delivered literally hundreds of tailored training courses to clients in nearly every market sector, ranging from a half hour meeting to multi-day workshops. Topics have included commercial management, outsourcing, introduction of new standard contracts, negotiation skills, contract design, IT dispute resolution, data privacy and GDPR, intellectual property, public procurement law and best practice, NHS and government model contracts, project management, and many others.

The need for training is usually triggered by a change of people, business, market, law, or process. Training can help to equip people to manage change, and to address gaps in their skills and experience. Training (or the lack of it) can have a disproportionate impact (positive and negative) on revenue and margin.

Our training is intended to be practical and is reinforced through case studies, worked examples, role play and Q&A.