Creative Procurement.

John Yates is a tutor and content creator for the NHS Digital Academy – his topic is Creative Procurement.

The NHS Digital Academy, through a partnership with Imperial College London, the University of Edinburgh and Harvard Medical School, provides a year-long, world class, fully accredited learning programme (Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Health Leadership) for digital change leaders in the NHS. The NHS Digital Academy uses a variety of on-line content, self-learning and residential sessions.

John recorded a number of short films and wrote a white paper, emphasising his key message about the importance of information when procuring new systems and services. After all, effective procurement isn’t a game of poker where it’s best not to reveal your hand! Gaps or defects in information affect the quality of the solution or service, increase the risk of project delivery and create hidden costs.

Since its launch in April 2018, more than 200 delegates have attended the NHS Digital Academy and used John’s content, including Chief Clinical Information Officers, Chief Information Officers and many others charged with leading digital change, from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds.

“John has been the lead at the Academy for the legal aspects of procurement. John’s knowledge is wide and deep, his perspective and contribution have added a great deal to module two for our participants. Thank you as ever John for sharing your wisdom.

Rachel Dunscombe, CEO, NHS Digital Academy.