Being clear is far more important than being clever.

We are clear about money, risk, our work, the client’s responsibilities, and when we expect to do the work. Clarity is the foundation of our visual contract design methodology (VCD) and our approach: “contracts made simple”.

When potential new clients contact us (usually based on word of mouth), we invest time getting to know them before we start to charge. This allows us to collect information about their business which is relevant to the potential job, and to make sure that we’re on the same wavelength. It also allows us to quote more accurately. This investment could be a half hour chat on the phone, or several meetings spread over many weeks or months.

We use the same approach as our clients to define work packages – statements of work (colloquially known as a SOW). The SOW specifies the deliverables, tasks, roles and responsibilities and timescales for the work. The SOW will have a fixed price or budget associated with it. Even a fixed price is based on a rate card, and our rate card varies from £850 – 1200/day (excluding VAT), with hourly rates from £150 – 175 (excluding VAT). Where we work on a fixed price, we always add contingency which varies from 10 – 25% depending on the scale and complexity of the work.