Things don’t always go to plan, and projects and programmes are late or don’t deliver what was expected by the customer.

It can be difficult for people inside the organisation to establish the truth of what has happened. V-LEX can help by conducting a detailed forensic audit, without being burdened by the emotional baggage of people working for the client organisation.

Occasionally our clients wish to establish who is to blame; more often, they need to know whether the project or programme can be rescued, and if so, how. Once we’ve agreed the brief, we read documents and conduct interviews. This helps us to establish the facts based on evidence, and then we report our findings and recommendations. An audit could take days, weeks or even months, depending on the scale and complexity of the contract we’re seeking to rescue.

We might also help to implement the recommendations through dispute resolution and contract re-baselining (a new contract might need to be agreed, with new requirements, solution, pricing and plan).